How to embrace trends

Victoria Tomaro Stylist
How to embrace trends

As a stylist I am constantly asked “how do I embrace new trends ? And how do I incorporate it in my wardrobe……?”

Never try to follow all trends, stick to the ones that suit you and your shape and more importantly your lifestyle! There’s is nothing worse than someone who is really trying too hard, or a person that only wears a certain brand.

Learn to be open to new styles and fashion. Play around with fashion.

My first rule is to know your shape and always show off your best assets.

Victoria Beckham is known in the fashion industry to always wear what works for her , ( this is a recent thing) she now knows what works for her and very rarely gets it wrong…

Another one of my favourites is the beautiful Cate Blanchett. Always so classy and lady like and stylish. Think about different looks and what you like and dislike.

If your a classic girl go for streamline fitted clothes . Clothes that have great detail and structure. Bold colours and fabrics with texture. Think of stores like Cue, Witchery.

Flowy girls ( is what I call them), they tend to go for loose clothes and long shirts with leggings or boots or flowy dresses. These women also know their shape and what works for them. They also layer well . Think of stores like Country Road, Trenery, Susan.

Latest fashion girls. We all know a few of these girls. Whatever is new in the stores, whatever the latest trends are , they have them. They don’t like to wear anything last season ! And embrace colours and are quite out their in the fashion stakes. Think of Zara, Sass & Bide, Manning Cartell.

I also tell my clients to buy one fashion magazine every couple of months. Get to know what is new and more importantly where to buy these items.

Practice makes perfect, don’t give up. Keep at it , and when in doubt keep it simple. It also applies to fashion.

And accessorise whenever you can, it does wonders for your look.

Looking Good = Feeling Great!

victoria tomaro stylist

As a stylist…….
I am always asked the importance of feeling great and how our shopping experience has left my clients feeling happy and positive about their body. With the right clothes and a few style tips and introducing colour I can have you looking amazing!

It’s as simple as changing your hairstyle or wearing your make up differently!
It’s a known fact that we always shop in the same stores and pick the same looks and clothes, and most of the time they are wrong for our shape. …..

We need to embrace our shape, that is the first point I would like to get across, having stylist is about making the best of what you have! Curves, tummies, or lack of shape must be embraced. There are clothes out their that create the illusion of what God never gave us, it’s all abut learning the art of dressing for your shape.

When you look amazing your mind set changes and you start feeling happier and your attitude really changes.

Spend that little bit of extra time in putting your outfit together and a little bit of bronzer , mascara and lip gloss makes the world of difference.