LBD – Little Black Dress

“Ok so lets talk about the old faith full the  LBD”


As a stylist I get asked all the time about a functional wardrobe, how to purchase the right items and more importantly how to build the perfect wardrobe!

First of all there are key pieces that we need to have – Great pair of fitted jeans, black fitted pants, great jacket pref a blazer, a leather jacket and a pencil skirt along with a crisp white shirt.

But the most important one is a little black dress.   This dress comes in handy for so many different occasions. A cocktail party, a dinner, catching up with friends, a funeral and of course a  corporate function.

It is  a versatile piece that we all need to have, at least one perfect black dress in our wardrobe.  I have picked this one from Witchery at Westfield Fountain Gate  with the bell sleeve, it  gives it the perfect detail….. And of course it has sold out. Boots are from Jo Mercer.

Whenever you are out looking for items to add to your wardrobe, whenever you find the perfect dress, buy it ! Chances are you will need it and you will wear it time after time.  Remember if it’s a fitted one like this always opt for shape wear to minimise underwear lines and to keep you nicely tucked in.

I hear ladies all the time, “I don’t go out much I will have no where to wear it”, when you are building the perfect wardrobe you will need items of clothing that you have to wear in an instant for a late party invitation. So many women go out the day before pay top dollar for a dress that they are not 100 percent with and it sits in their wardrobe collecting dust.