Keratin Straightening Treatment

I have been thinking of getting my hair straightened for some time, using a Keratin treatment.

It’s by no means like the old straightening solutions, which use nasty chemicals like formaldehyde.

My hairdresser, Dianne Enaty, has been chatting to me about it for a while, so I finally made the appointment with her.

As I am heading overseas for a European summer, I liked the idea of not having to spend too much time blow waving my hair. My normal blow wave takes 40 minutes.

The process was:
• She washed my hair with a special shampoo to prepare the hair for the treatment.

• My hair was then rinsed and dried with the hairdryer.

• The treatment was then combed through my hair in small sections. The small sections are key to obtaining a great result.

• The treatment was left in for a while, then, a straightener was used to seal it in. Once again in small sections.

I was in the chair for a few hours.

I was able to head home and wash my hair in the morning with only a cold rinse… no shampoo or conditioner for three or four days after getting the treatment, as the solution takes time to work. After     this time, you should use sodium-sulphate-free shampoo to help maintain the treatment.

So the next morning, I rinsed my hair well with cold water. It felt soft and easy to comb through.

My blow wave took half the time, my usual 40 minutes took 20 minutes, and I didn’t need to add any product in at all!

So easy to blow wave and my hair is now smooth and flat, and more importantly NO FRIZZ!

Totally love it!

Thank you Dianne Enaty xxx
Burke Road, Camberwell 0419 391 331