The right Bra….. @Playtexaus


I thought I would write about the importance of having the right Bra…..I remember styling a wonderful client a few years who never wore a bra! Yes you heard me …. NEVER WORE A BRA…. Her boobs looked like they were part of her stomach, it was so strange. Having dressed her and showing her the difference on how different your body shape looks with the right bra.  Thank fully she did not need any convincing after all. Thank you to Playtex Australia for sending me some wonderful bras!

Bra fitting note: A very common issue which is related to the back band is that the wires can move around too much and allow breast tissue to come out of the bottom. Your back band needs to be firm and your wire needs to sit up against where your boob joins your body

It’s a common misconception that the straps are what support your boobs but this isn’t the case. Straps are simply there to help the rest of your bra do its job properly, they hold it in place meaning the correct support doesn’t waver at any point. Your straps should always be set to a ‘two finger tension’, meaning you can fit two fingers under the strap. They shouldn’t be falling down, if they are then make sure you adjust the tension and if they’re digging in then they’re either too tight or the rest of your bra isn’t fitting correctly and too much weight is being put on your straps.


  • Horizontal and parallel with the floor.
  • Can fit two fingers under the band but it feels snug and doesn’t move.
  • If it’s a new bra ensure it’s always fastened on the loosest setting (You tighten as it’s stretches to maintain support).
  • Fully encasing all the breast.
  • A lifted and smooth appearance.
  • Projection with no gaping or bulging.

The truth is that the way your clothing falls on your body has everything to do with the confidence you feel wearing your outfits whether at home or on the road.

And guess what? The way your bra fits you has everything to do with how a top or dress flatters you especially if you need a bit of…uplifting.


Thanks to Playtex Australia.


Hope you enjoyed the blog

VT xx