How to wear everything in your wardrobe……

“How To Wear Everything In Your Wardrobe”


In a world where disposable fashion and social media are rife, it’s not surprising that we hate wearing something twice.

My wardrobe consists of staple pieces, most of which are classic pieces which don’t date.

I am writing a blog and posting pics of some my clothing. I am calling it,“How To Wear Everything In Your Wardrobe”.

Why is it that we “get over” clothes?  We wear them a few times then we “get over them”.

Before my recent overseas holiday, I had a big wardrobe cull and gave my little sister so many items that she will wear again and again.  So something we are “over”, more than likely,  someone else will “love”.

So Day 1 of my blog is my classic Carla Zampatti Linen jacket. Today  I have teamed it up with my black shirt. I can also wear it with a white tee and jeans to turn it into more of a classic style. Learn how to dress items up or down depending on the occasion.

Blazers, leather jackets and military style jackets are pieces you should try to hold on to, as they always come back in style.

I am on a mission to not buy anything “new” for a while or at least until summer kicks in and give my old faithfuls another run, and try to style them in different ways.


Follow my Instagram victoriasaccessories for the details.  I hope that gives you some inspiration to look at your clothes with a fresh set of eyes.




Classic Looks for Pre Xmas Functions



I was lucky enough to be featured in our local Leader Newspaper. I was asked to collect 4 seperate looks,  for different  occasions.

  • Look 1 – Was a BBQ, denim, chambray dress, along with tan wedges, loved this look because it was relaxed and not over done. Flopy hat is always a must. ALl these items were from Westfield Knox Country Road Store.
  • Look 2 – Family Function – Black & White always a favourite look of mine, simple, yet classic and stylish. Loved the white vest jacket. These items were all from Witchery.
  • Look 3 – Party – Who doesnt love a great pre xmas party, great excuse to get dressed up and add that extra bling! I choose this gorgeous Wayne Cooper dress from Myer.  I absolutely love the colour and it really makes a statement. Ladies dont go for boring old BLACK, add a pop of clour to an outfit and choose a bold colour.
  • Look 4 – Conservative Look – This dress I picked up from Jacque E, I loved the printed A line fabric, I added a white fresh cropped blazer with this look to give it the stylish and modern classic look to it. Keep jewellery to a minimum, and add a clutch and you are ready to go !