LBD – Little Black Dress

“Ok so lets talk about the old faith full the  LBD”


As a stylist I get asked all the time about a functional wardrobe, how to purchase the right items and more importantly how to build the perfect wardrobe!

First of all there are key pieces that we need to have – Great pair of fitted jeans, black fitted pants, great jacket pref a blazer, a leather jacket and a pencil skirt along with a crisp white shirt.

But the most important one is a little black dress.   This dress comes in handy for so many different occasions. A cocktail party, a dinner, catching up with friends, a funeral and of course a  corporate function.

It is  a versatile piece that we all need to have, at least one perfect black dress in our wardrobe.  I have picked this one from Witchery at Westfield Fountain Gate  with the bell sleeve, it  gives it the perfect detail….. And of course it has sold out. Boots are from Jo Mercer.

Whenever you are out looking for items to add to your wardrobe, whenever you find the perfect dress, buy it ! Chances are you will need it and you will wear it time after time.  Remember if it’s a fitted one like this always opt for shape wear to minimise underwear lines and to keep you nicely tucked in.

I hear ladies all the time, “I don’t go out much I will have no where to wear it”, when you are building the perfect wardrobe you will need items of clothing that you have to wear in an instant for a late party invitation. So many women go out the day before pay top dollar for a dress that they are not 100 percent with and it sits in their wardrobe collecting dust.


How to wear everything in your wardrobe……

“How To Wear Everything In Your Wardrobe”


In a world where disposable fashion and social media are rife, it’s not surprising that we hate wearing something twice.

My wardrobe consists of staple pieces, most of which are classic pieces which don’t date.

I am writing a blog and posting pics of some my clothing. I am calling it,“How To Wear Everything In Your Wardrobe”.

Why is it that we “get over” clothes?  We wear them a few times then we “get over them”.

Before my recent overseas holiday, I had a big wardrobe cull and gave my little sister so many items that she will wear again and again.  So something we are “over”, more than likely,  someone else will “love”.

So Day 1 of my blog is my classic Carla Zampatti Linen jacket. Today  I have teamed it up with my black shirt. I can also wear it with a white tee and jeans to turn it into more of a classic style. Learn how to dress items up or down depending on the occasion.

Blazers, leather jackets and military style jackets are pieces you should try to hold on to, as they always come back in style.

I am on a mission to not buy anything “new” for a while or at least until summer kicks in and give my old faithfuls another run, and try to style them in different ways.


Follow my Instagram victoriasaccessories for the details.  I hope that gives you some inspiration to look at your clothes with a fresh set of eyes.




Lower Price Point Clothing (Not saying the word “cheap”)


Today ladies I am writing about the price point of clothing, talking about cheap fashion v designer collections….. and by designer I am not talking about Versace etc.
When I am styling a client I am teaching them on how to look great without always spending top dollar….. It’s about putting looks together, things do not have to be expensive to look great.
I have seen a lot of high end pieces that look horrible, just because it’s a label it doesn’t mean it looks great on.
Firstly I am going to talk about the Kmart ! I know Kmart…. Well I have a friend, ( we all have one of those friends) who is pretty and a size 8 but manages to get most of her clothes from Kmart! Every time I see her she looks amazing! It’s how you put things together ladies, that’s what makes an outfit great, I love mixing good quality pieces along with your “not so pricey pieces” let’s not use the word cheap here.
So I head into my local Kmart and I find a pair of black textured shorts for $20 BARGAIN fully lined too, and guess what? They are cotton. If I had found them in Country Road they would have been $99. Make sure you screen properly, a lot of those stores that stock fast fashion are not presented well, they need steaming and most of all they need to be styled well. Take a look at Forever New, great styling well presented to the customer, so easy to find a top or two in that store. You need to have a good eye to be able to put a look together in your head, mix them with pieces that you already own.
It all in the cut ladies……
Well my second experiment was my Kmart jeans!!!! Woohooo A whopping $25 spent on these baby’s , stretchy fabric, high waisted on trend etc.…. looked at my butt from behind it looked ok. Be wary of cheap and nasty jeans, they do sometimes fade and the dye is toxic….. these ones I picked up and added them on social media and everyone wanted to know where I got them from…… Yep Kmart….
I hear you say, how long will it last? Well things don’t need to be washed THAT often, unless its dirty or it smells, you can wear it a few times. Well I hand wash all of my clothes in cold water, little bit of soap then hung out to dry. My clothes last for ages!
This was a fun experiment to try, have fun with it. And yes there are plenty of you out there that will say “ what about overseas cheap slave labour etc.” I get you , ethical companies are important. I am not saying buy ALL your clothing from these places, just have an open mind and try new things, you may end up worth more cash in your wallet to spend on holidays and other exciting things!
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stakes day marquee

Kris Smith & Victoria


















I was lucky enough to be invited this year to the Myer Marquee for Stakes Day which is the last day of the Spring Carnival!

I had a few weeks to prepare, what was I going to wear etc a hat or facinator??? Decisions, Decisions……..

Well dresses I have no problem getting my hands on, a few stunning styles, it was the weather that I was most concerned with, I had a few options….(as a stylist we must have options!) I was lucky to have a few….

I went straight to Kitchy Ku for my stunning Black lace dress (available to purchase thru my website email order thru to $179.00 RRP $240. It was so appropriate for the day, classic Black and Lace. I also added my Moschino Leather Belt along with my Wittner Black Shoes.

Walking in we were greeted with a glass of champagne and great atmosphere of fashion, style and colour. The DJ was playing the latest tracks and the dance floor had already formed….. Met some amazing fashion bloggers along with quite a few B grade celebs. I was hoping to meet the fab Jen Hawkins but the ever so handsome Kris Smith along with the stunning Lauren Phillips were happy to chat and take pictures with.

The dance floor was the place to be, Bernie was rocking it till finish time!

Drinks and food were a non stop, from tasty mini burgers, to fish cakes and tuna and cucumber picks! It was truly the place to be…………Loved every second of it. VT

Spring Summer Trends

So glad to be out of the dreaded winter……..

Spring Summer trends are out in stores at the moment, and we are loving the White on White, Citrus yellow and a favourite of mine Hot Pink!

I have show cased some amazing clothes and fashion with some workshops that I have conducted already this season, stores such Seed, Country Road, Jacquie E, and Esprit have some amazing pieces that are all available at the moment.

Remember that not all of us can wear white, depending on our skin tone and colouring you may want to stick to the cream or off white tones.

Remember to also Accessorise , jewellery always makes an outfit , and a pop of colour makes an ordinary outfit a little more interesting. I am working closely with a stunning jewellery wholesaler to have it available on my site which I am working on.

And what about shoes ! Straps and wedges and chunky heels are everywhere, I just purchased my summer strapy sandal with a thick silver heel.

I love spring summer and all the amazing new fashion, just need the weather to stick to one season for a few days!