Styling the over 50’s

Reached the milestone of 50?

I had the pleasure of styling a wonderful lady who purchased a style session as a gift to herself.

During our initial consultation over a coffee, I found it difficult to gauge my client’s   body shape due to the ill-fitting clothes she was dressed in.

A common mistake both men & women make, is to wear ill-fitting clothes.

Most people are oblivious that they are wearing clothes that are all wrong for their body shapes.  My client was a perfect size 12.

Our first stop was Sportscraft, I headed straight for an amazing Navy Blue Blazer with gold detail (which happened to be on sale), I then teamed it up with a pair of straight leg dark denim jeans. Ladies avoid lighter patches on your jeans when you are curvy, the eye picks up on contrast so keep it one colour. Avoid skinny jeans at all cost. I then belted her jeans, grabbed a loose fitted white V neck Tee and that was simply all she needed to look fabulous!

We finished with a pop of colour by introducing an up to date stylish scarf. She couldn’t believe how much younger she looked and she felt so stylish and on trend!

My motto is “Keep things simple, clean and fitted” My very satisfied customer said prior to our styling session, she felt that she could never wear straight legged jeans due to her age. I could not believe what I was hearing. Some crucial styling tips make the world of difference.

Age is irrelevant when you have style. Learning how to style your outfits and make them work for you is easier than you think.

Also, make up is a must, a bronzer, some blush, mascara and lip gloss. Also thicker brows frame your face, so stop plucking.

Stores such as Country Road, Oxford, Sportscraft, Susan’s have  stylish and affordable key Blog picpieces. Katie’s are undergoing a massive transformation in direction and brand.

With so many clothing options around these days together with  my helpful style tips, there is absolutely no excuse to feel old and drab.

Email  and book yourself a style session, get ready for Spring Summer 2016.



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