The right Bra….. @Playtexaus


I thought I would write about the importance of having the right Bra…..I remember styling a wonderful client a few years who never wore a bra! Yes you heard me …. NEVER WORE A BRA…. Her boobs looked like they were part of her stomach, it was so strange. Having dressed her and showing her the difference on how different your body shape looks with the right bra.  Thank fully she did not need any convincing after all. Thank you to Playtex Australia for sending me some wonderful bras!

Bra fitting note: A very common issue which is related to the back band is that the wires can move around too much and allow breast tissue to come out of the bottom. Your back band needs to be firm and your wire needs to sit up against where your boob joins your body

It’s a common misconception that the straps are what support your boobs but this isn’t the case. Straps are simply there to help the rest of your bra do its job properly, they hold it in place meaning the correct support doesn’t waver at any point. Your straps should always be set to a ‘two finger tension’, meaning you can fit two fingers under the strap. They shouldn’t be falling down, if they are then make sure you adjust the tension and if they’re digging in then they’re either too tight or the rest of your bra isn’t fitting correctly and too much weight is being put on your straps.


  • Horizontal and parallel with the floor.
  • Can fit two fingers under the band but it feels snug and doesn’t move.
  • If it’s a new bra ensure it’s always fastened on the loosest setting (You tighten as it’s stretches to maintain support).
  • Fully encasing all the breast.
  • A lifted and smooth appearance.
  • Projection with no gaping or bulging.

The truth is that the way your clothing falls on your body has everything to do with the confidence you feel wearing your outfits whether at home or on the road.

And guess what? The way your bra fits you has everything to do with how a top or dress flatters you especially if you need a bit of…uplifting.


Thanks to Playtex Australia.


Hope you enjoyed the blog

VT xx


Tips to make you look younger……


To all my wonderful followers out there…. I get this questioned asked all the time. I am giving you a few tips on how to look younger.

When I am styling my clients I see this all the time….Ladies & Men dressing way too old! Now I am not saying to dress like a mutton dressed up at lamb I know this is one our biggest fears, along with my own… I do look at some things and say “Um can I be pulling this look off at my age?”

Sometimes just adding some contemporary pieces from your own wardrobe work really well. Women in their forties have clothes in their wardrobe that they have had for a  very long time, that is OK if they are a real classic pieces.

Rule 1 :

Jeans, no point owing 20 pairs if they are all wrong for you! A great cut, high waisted and a straight cut are the best types for me…the skinny denim with the low rise are really not the best cut. If you have had them in your wardrobe time to invest in a few good pairs. They don’t have to be expensive either. I found a $20 high rise straight cut denim form Kmart before lock down that were a hit. You just have to try a lot on to get the perfect fit. Nobody Jeans, Cotton On to name a few.

Avoid cropped jeans that are really baggy on the bum. Fitted jeans are always the best. 

Rule 2: 

Avoid large prints! They are very ageing, go for more of a subtle print, perhaps smaller.  And with your tops avoid the square shapeless ones, remember not to end you garment at the widest part of your body, lift it slightly and do a tuck at the front. This will show your waist more….. avoid longer tops that cover your butt, they tend to be very unflattering. Stick to block colours and classic styles they always give you a more youthful classic look. 

Rule 3:

Choose modern silouettes. Try not to choose those long cardigans, unless you are 5’9. Personally cardigans are for the couch, stick to a well fitted blazer, leather jacket or a firm cut jacket of some sort. These long shapeless looks are very ageing.  Stores like Witchery, Dejcuba, Country Road, Seed and Zara & Forever New have some great pieces for women whatever age.  Stores like Aje, Camilla and Marc, Lee Mathews, Cue, Sass & Bide are great for classic and timeless pieces.  

Remember to dress for your shape, if its your waist that is your best feature then show case it! If its your legs then do the same, look at your best features and then dress to show it off as much as you can. 

There is no point sitting in the back ground and letting life pass you by. Go in and try on things and don’t always choose the same things. That’s what I love about Zara, they have things that are quite different and they also show you how to wear it.

When this ISO is over we will be all wanting to get dressed again and head out to our favourite Melbourne hang outs.



AW 2020

A few of my latest trends this season, this Witchery Blazer is a hit for me this season, the earthy tone fits into my already colour coded wardrobe.

A versatile piece and goes so well with my black denim jeans also a Witchery purchase.  I can also add it over a maxi dress or keep it casual with a light coloured denim.

The maxi skirt I styled is from Forever New, I always belt these skirts as I need to accentuate my waist.  Black knit works well with the skirt. Also a grey coat is a huge hit for winter. Invest in a good quality coat that will take you into the Winter / Autumn season.





Trending now for Spring….


The weather is getting better and we are finally over the cold winter. Spring is in the air. Such a great time for fashion where we are finally ready to splurge and purchase our next season trends….. this trend is “The Suit”

It’s the return of the power suit…. next season be prepared to see suiting everywhere, from structural to relaxed feel. Bold colours and pastels are going to be huge next season along with checks and a strong 80s vibe.

I love a suit, it can take you from work to dinner with very few changes…. a soft pony and added jewellery for a sexy night look. Dress it down by adding a sneaker and a t shirt.

The flair or cropped pants are very popular with our suits, along with the cigarette style pants.

The beauty of the suit it can be worn together or as separates. Add a pair of jeans to the jacket with some wedges or heels. The pants can also be worn on their own with a black or white top.


I know print clash was a huge trend but I like to keep my patterns to a minimal as I don’t like them competing.


Stay tuned to more Spring Summer 2018 trends.



LBD – Little Black Dress

“Ok so lets talk about the old faith full the  LBD”


As a stylist I get asked all the time about a functional wardrobe, how to purchase the right items and more importantly how to build the perfect wardrobe!

First of all there are key pieces that we need to have – Great pair of fitted jeans, black fitted pants, great jacket pref a blazer, a leather jacket and a pencil skirt along with a crisp white shirt.

But the most important one is a little black dress.   This dress comes in handy for so many different occasions. A cocktail party, a dinner, catching up with friends, a funeral and of course a  corporate function.

It is  a versatile piece that we all need to have, at least one perfect black dress in our wardrobe.  I have picked this one from Witchery at Westfield Fountain Gate  with the bell sleeve, it  gives it the perfect detail….. And of course it has sold out. Boots are from Jo Mercer.

Whenever you are out looking for items to add to your wardrobe, whenever you find the perfect dress, buy it ! Chances are you will need it and you will wear it time after time.  Remember if it’s a fitted one like this always opt for shape wear to minimise underwear lines and to keep you nicely tucked in.

I hear ladies all the time, “I don’t go out much I will have no where to wear it”, when you are building the perfect wardrobe you will need items of clothing that you have to wear in an instant for a late party invitation. So many women go out the day before pay top dollar for a dress that they are not 100 percent with and it sits in their wardrobe collecting dust.


Winter Style

Winter has set in and its time to rug up and invest in good quality pieces.  I have picked two items for this months blog. They are both from Sussan’s.


Lets talk coats, lots of different styles around, they can be fitted, over sized and they can be dressed up or down and worn over  just about everywhere. This gorgeous grey one is the perfect length for me, I love the high neck and the buttons, and it’s not too long which I like.  The grey tone is very easy to wear and I can match it with just about everything I have in my wardrobe.

The second piece is a black & white striped shirt. You can add a leather skirt or black pants for an instant work out fit… I have teamed it up with a pair of denim jeans and leather jacket for a day or night look. Think versatility and you want to get lots of wears out of one item.  The stripe trend is a favourite of mine, although a lot of my clients refuse to wear stripes, thinking it makes them look bigger…. It depends on the cut and the type of stripe ladies, so don’t follow all the rules or the time, Have fun with fashion and take risks.

Stay warm

VT xx


Autumn Winter 2018 Trend Report


Heading into the next season can be daunting…. “What should I be investing in, and what do I need to avoid?”



Last Friday night, I conducted a fashion workshop at Westfield, where I spoke about colour and how to introduce it into your new season wardrobe.


Colour is everywhere! Reds, plums, greens and yellow/mustard and plenty of pinks, rocked the runways at VAMMF last week. As a stylist, I am often asked by my clients, “What colours suit me and which do I need to avoid?” First of all, you need to know whether your skin is a warm tone, or a cool tone.

Grab a white sheet of paper and put it up near your face in natural light. If your skin appears yellowish or sallow beside the paper, you have a warm skin tone. If your skin appears pink, rosy or blueish red, then you have a cool tone. 


So, lets look at RED! This colour is not going anywhere this season so I strongly suggest you invest in a piece of red, whether its a statement jacket, dress, or even a leather jacket. Match it with white, navy or black.  


PINK, pastel or hot pink, is a great colour to wear this season too. If you don’t want to wear it as all one colour as I did at VAMFF,  then break it up with white. This colour suits most skin types too. Try to avoid the really light pink shade if you are a cool tone, as it can make you look quite pale. However, an olive complexion with dark hair suits any shade of pink so embrace this trend!


Lets look at another trend, PLAID/ CHECK. We are seeing lots of blazers and suits with this style. High waisted pants, double breasted jackets, also long jackets with a belt to look like a dress. This is quite a classic and sophisticated look which I love. I have also seen it in shirts and skirts, so if you are comfortable purchasing a suite then grab a piece of plaid/ check in a small piece and gradually build on it.


Another trend is STRIPES…big & bold. Team up this look with a natural block colour, so as not to compete with the hero piece.

A few more trends:

        * Over the knee high boots, in any colour.

        * Coats, grey, tan, chunky style. 

        * Anything in blush/peachy tones.

Have fun with these new trends and try to avoid black. Invest in colour. I’m taking bookings for next season Styling Sessions now. Learn how to dress and style yourself so you are showing off your best assets. 

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VT xxx


How to wear everything in your wardrobe……

“How To Wear Everything In Your Wardrobe”


In a world where disposable fashion and social media are rife, it’s not surprising that we hate wearing something twice.

My wardrobe consists of staple pieces, most of which are classic pieces which don’t date.

I am writing a blog and posting pics of some my clothing. I am calling it,“How To Wear Everything In Your Wardrobe”.

Why is it that we “get over” clothes?  We wear them a few times then we “get over them”.

Before my recent overseas holiday, I had a big wardrobe cull and gave my little sister so many items that she will wear again and again.  So something we are “over”, more than likely,  someone else will “love”.

So Day 1 of my blog is my classic Carla Zampatti Linen jacket. Today  I have teamed it up with my black shirt. I can also wear it with a white tee and jeans to turn it into more of a classic style. Learn how to dress items up or down depending on the occasion.

Blazers, leather jackets and military style jackets are pieces you should try to hold on to, as they always come back in style.

I am on a mission to not buy anything “new” for a while or at least until summer kicks in and give my old faithfuls another run, and try to style them in different ways.


Follow my Instagram victoriasaccessories for the details.  I hope that gives you some inspiration to look at your clothes with a fresh set of eyes.