Autumn Winter 2018 Trend Report


Heading into the next season can be daunting…. “What should I be investing in, and what do I need to avoid?”



Last Friday night, I conducted a fashion workshop at Westfield, where I spoke about colour and how to introduce it into your new season wardrobe.


Colour is everywhere! Reds, plums, greens and yellow/mustard and plenty of pinks, rocked the runways at VAMMF last week. As a stylist, I am often asked by my clients, “What colours suit me and which do I need to avoid?” First of all, you need to know whether your skin is a warm tone, or a cool tone.

Grab a white sheet of paper and put it up near your face in natural light. If your skin appears yellowish or sallow beside the paper, you have a warm skin tone. If your skin appears pink, rosy or blueish red, then you have a cool tone. 


So, lets look at RED! This colour is not going anywhere this season so I strongly suggest you invest in a piece of red, whether its a statement jacket, dress, or even a leather jacket. Match it with white, navy or black.  


PINK, pastel or hot pink, is a great colour to wear this season too. If you don’t want to wear it as all one colour as I did at VAMFF,  then break it up with white. This colour suits most skin types too. Try to avoid the really light pink shade if you are a cool tone, as it can make you look quite pale. However, an olive complexion with dark hair suits any shade of pink so embrace this trend!


Lets look at another trend, PLAID/ CHECK. We are seeing lots of blazers and suits with this style. High waisted pants, double breasted jackets, also long jackets with a belt to look like a dress. This is quite a classic and sophisticated look which I love. I have also seen it in shirts and skirts, so if you are comfortable purchasing a suite then grab a piece of plaid/ check in a small piece and gradually build on it.


Another trend is STRIPES…big & bold. Team up this look with a natural block colour, so as not to compete with the hero piece.

A few more trends:

        * Over the knee high boots, in any colour.

        * Coats, grey, tan, chunky style. 

        * Anything in blush/peachy tones.

Have fun with these new trends and try to avoid black. Invest in colour. I’m taking bookings for next season Styling Sessions now. Learn how to dress and style yourself so you are showing off your best assets. 

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VT xxx


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